Team Triton’s ROV Project


Re-Engineering Australia hosted the National finals for the Subs-in-schools program in December and we entered this competition as the youngest competitors.

Team Triton is made up of four year 5/6 students and we competed against Year 10 and Year 11 high school students from around the country.  Together Team Triton built, marketed and raced their ROV at the 2016 National competition, held here in Adelaide.

After 2 grueling days of judging, interviews, pool trials, booth presentations and presenting a 20 page portfolio to Industry, we WON!  That’s right 4 primary school kids managed the unimaginable, through hard work, dedication and persistence – we did it.  We won 7 out of the 9 categories.

Team Triton had to raise the sponsorship money to be able to build, enter and compete in this competition.  We have learnt so much from this experience and truly believe that this is what real life learning is all about!

In the beginning we wanted to show the community that this was a worth-while learning opportunity and that more students should get involved in STEM projects and along the way we needed to show the community that we could actually do it!

After we won the competition ABC ME, Adelaide’s ‘Behind The News’ featured us as ‘Winners’ with a short update posted on their twitter account:

Prior to the competition ABC ME, featured a full segment on us on ‘Behind The News’


Prior to the full segment on us on ‘Behind The News’ here is a Newsbreak that ABC ME, Adelaide’s ‘Behind The News’ team featured us in:


Have a look at this short 1 minute movie, showing our journey in the beginning …