Learning Opportunities

By building our own ROV, we have gained valuable engineering design skills, while learning basic physics concepts, problem solving, logistical planning and technical procedures.

We have learnt about Ohm’s laws, basic circuitry and how to wire switches to a motor.  We have learnt about multimeters and voltage, multimeter and resistance as well as different power sources.  We have discovered why we need a fuse and about battery and electricity safety.  We have been introduced to soldering, a variety of tools and components.  We have  prepared a control box and did the required wiring to connect the switches to the tethers, to the propellers.  We have inserted a fuse and waterproofed the motor connection and camera.

We have had the opportunity to connect with the community through sponsorship in a meaningful way.  We have learnt about the power of marketing and we now appreciate the value of money, especially when we have had to source materials and make purchases.

We have improved our public speaking through presentations, marketing opportunities, explaining our learning, hosting a booth at ArtsPACces and the National finals and through sharing our learning journey with others along the way.

We have learnt through opportunities and experiences that we had never even thought about.  This project connected us with real life and the community and we have really appreciated the reality of a real world project.